I was on a car accident and hurt my neck and back. I started to visit Dr. Victoria Loignon and are very and very pleased with her treatment. She is very professional and I've had a fast recovery. I truly really recommend her
Litzi Lorenzo
I've been involved in chiropractic care for 40 years and Dr. Victoria ranks in the top 2. I had inflamed right shoulder due to overuse which she cleared up in no time.
Sean Gallagher
They are so nice and friendly like visiting friends! They also are involved in the community which I like!
Denise McDonald
Came in with excruciating hip, back and leg pain and the Dr. was detail with her examination and on target with her treatment. I was pain free within days. She is not only great at the care she provides but also cares very much about the well-being of her patients by making sure she is the one responsible for the care and treatment of her patients unlike other chiropractors that have an untrained person overseeing the exercise and stretches. I will highly recommend Dr. Victoria to anyone that have back issues or have not recovered with a different treatment.
Norma Morrison
I am very familiar with chiropractic care. I was visiting family in Georgia near this chiropractic clinic and strained by back lifting some boxes. From past experience I knew that my back would hurt worst the next day so I went in and had an adjustment done. The doctor had just recently opened her practice but was very welcoming and friendly. She saved me a broken back for the next day! Definitely recommend...